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What is AdvertiseIreland.com?

AdvertiseIreland.com provide Free Advertising through an association of web site owners who trade banner advertising space on their sites without payment. AdvertiseIreland.com is exclusively for business, commercial, charity and private web sites for Irish or residents of Ireland.

Why AdvertiseIreland.com?
When International Banner Exchange Systems are employed, a large portion of the allocation (and the advertising budget) is wasted on promotions in distant countries with little interest in Irish goods and services.
AdvertiseIreland.com steers advertising to the people our customers wish to reach. Recently we have introduced the option of regional targeting for even better results. Target your advertising to Ulster, Munster, Leinster, Connacht, Nationally, or to Irish and those interested in Ireland abroad. And don't forget all new members get 1000 Free impressions just for joining.

Some of the top irish sites that use our service include http://www.politics.ie, http://www.widemouth.com and http://www.propertyfile.net.

Larger sites may to make use of unsold banner space through our network. We can help to tailor our service to fit in with existing banner rotation systems.

How does it work?
For every two impressions of a banner advert shown on a member's web site, credit is earned for that member's own banner to be shown on another member's site.

It is a 2:1 ratio — the amount of free advertising you receive is directly proportional to the amount you give others.

Steps to FREE Advertising
1.Join AdvertiseIreland.com by filling out the online form. You will need to enter a user name, password and email address.
Go to the members area and enter the information for your site - the site name, URL of site, and URL of the banner to advertise your site. If you do not have a banner you will need to create a standard banner size advert for your web site (468 by 60 pixels) and no more than 15k in size - it may be animated. Upload the banner to your web space and record the URL or upload it to advertiseireland.com through the members area. If you need help with this we can provide a banner design service (Please email us for details).
Advert Size
3. You will need to get the HTML code for the advertising space to paste into your web page. This will need to be added to your page and uploaded to your web space.
4. Once the above is complete we will confirm your membership and you may start advertising.

Also you can refer others and get more free advertising

If you have any further questions please fell free to contact by email on support@advertiseireland.com